The Healer

Hello! My name is Ellyn Elizabeth, and I am the human (and healer) behind Wild Magic Reiki & Animal Communication!

Born and raised in central Wisconsin in the USA, I was a child who preferred the company of animals to people. I always found the pets when at a friend’s house or family gathering, and pestered my Mom into taking me to horse riding by age three. I wanted to cuddle all the animals, not just the family pets at home!

I’ve since spent all available time handling and learning about all kinds of animals. I’ve handled everything from rats and snakes kept as classroom pets, to sheep for shearing and newborn lambs and calves, to foals, broodmares and sport horses in training for elite level competition. I’ve never seen the point in limiting myself to the title “dog person” or “cat person” – I want to be considered an animal person.

As an adult I’m still the one who seeks out the animals at a gathering, but I’ve learned to give the human guests more than a passing glance. I’ve spent the last decade of my life travelling and studying, and have met a number of fascinating individuals from around the world, human and non-human alike. Many of them I am lucky enough to consider my friends. Others I’m blessed to have had as teachers. Particularly memorable was a Montessori classroom full of beautiful kids I worked with as an AmeriCorps member teachers assistant and after-school program leader (I taught an animal science and a creative writing program of my own making, after hours).

Raised by parents whose families were distinctly Catholic and Methodist in their faiths, my spiritual upbringing was a bit eclectic. Especially since I was baptised Presbyterian, and graduated from a Catholic High School while simultaneously learning about Eastern practices and beliefs at home, thanks to my lovely mother.

My mom is also a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher (among other amazing things), so I received my first Usui Reiki attunement as a preteen from a friend of hers. After years of searching for my own way I returned to Reiki in 2015 and have not looked back, receiving my Master-Teacher attunement later that same year and my Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher attunement in 2016.

All the while I sought ways to focus on offering healing to the plants and animals who had guided and protected me throughout my life. I gradually started to realise that I have a Dr.Doolite-like ability to communicate with animals and an unmistakable calling to walk the animal mediumship path.

These experiences have taught me the value and the necessity of compassion in our interactions with all living things, not simply between fellow humans. I am a staunch advocate for taking responsibility for the effect the human race has had on our environment, and for those who share it with us.

My hope is to not only set an example and help to educate those who wish to learn more about ways of taking on that responsibility, but to also learn from others doing the same. To me, the worst attitude to take in anything is to assume you know everything. There is always something more to learn, no matter how small a piece it might seem to be of the puzzle!

With a little luck I hope this blog will inspire others as they have inspired me: to come together and join in the ongoing process of healing our world and ourselves.

May the future be forever bright. ❤