About Crystal Healing, My Journey

Animals Carved in Stone

Carved into the shape of a living creature, crystal figures are an excellent way to channel healing and loving intentions in support of a species or to bring their energy into your life for personal growth and healing. They are a versatile and beautiful tool.

My personal collection of crystal animals is ever evolving and growing. The challenge inherent in searching out unique carvings to diversify my collection and extend the range of species I can support through distance crystal healing with a figure carved in their image is an enlightening one.

It really is amazing to see what people will carve in stone. Most notable (though not pictured) so far: a rose quartz starfish!

I have learned about crystal healing in a rather haphazard manner. My Reiki teacher was a certified Crystal Healer who, having trained for two years to learn about the qualities and applications of a range of crystals, taught me all she could alongside Reiki.

I have supplemented her instruction by reading all I could online and the occasional book I managed to get my hands on. Most recently I completed a Crystal Reader online certification course that was put on by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski – a useful experience primarily in that it clarified and affirmed many things I already know.

Therefore my approach to my collection of animals carved in stone, as I’ve titled this post, is rather haphazard as well. I’ve learned to rely on my intuition when working with them, you might say.

Predominantly I view them as a “point of focus” or focal point for sending healing to a species. For example, my whale figure might help me send energetic support to endangered whale species or those particularly struggling to survive in severely polluted waters.

Others, like my Griffin carved in goldstone, function as a focal point for bringing healing in, whether for myself or another being. I might hold or place it with another figure with the intention of it supporting the other, for instance.

What I find important to note is that these figures don’t have to be placed in a certain grid or location in your living space, or anything like that. Not to say you can’t do that, but you don’t have to in order to make use of them. There is more than one approach to take, is what I’m driving at.

Just taking a brief moment to look at them and hold an intention of healing in your heart and mind is a meaningful gesture and excellent use of their potential. So is taking the time to meditate with them, set up a crystal grid or even place them in your home according to a Feng Shui Bagua map!

The important thing is to remember that they are crystals. They are only as weak or strong as the one handling them. So practice, and patience with yourself through that process, is crucial when starting to use them for healing.

So is having fun!

Whether you’re hunting for the weirdest carvings you can find, or collecting the same figures in as wide a range of crystals as you can doesn’t matter.

As long as your approach speaks to you and supports your aims as a healer you’re probably on the right track!

About Animal Communication, My Journey

When They Want To

The reality of Animal Communication is that it only happens when both parties are willing. It isn’t something that happens because I make it happen. It’s something that happens when I and the animal are both ready and willing to listen and speak with mutual respect.

Much like humans, animals only talk when they want to. Sometimes this means they recognise they will be heard. Other times this is because they have something they feel needs attention or even to pay a compliment. It varies from case to case, and ranges from the downright depressing to the silliest expressions of love and joy I’ve ever heard.

I am keenly aware that I make a lot of people uncomfortable when I say I can talk with animals. I mean this not only in the sense that people think I’m crazy, but that they also seem worried their pets are suddenly going to divulge their deepest darkest secrets to me and I’m going to call them out for whatever terrible thing they think they did.

It seems to be a common assumption that if an individual is psychic in any way, they can just read people’s minds. Sorry Hollywood, but that’s just not the case. There’s a bit more to it than that, if I do say so myself, and I don’t just mean on my end of things.

Often the animals I encounter aren’t looking for a deep or confiding conversation. That’s not to say they’re incapable of such interaction, just that they don’t generally spill their guts just because (unlike many of their human counterparts …). They just want to bask in my energy, and maybe get a little Reiki healing for their anxiety, arthritis or other physical troubles they are dealing with. Sometimes they want me to play fetch or scratch their back. Sometimes I’m given a brief “thank you” or “you’re different”, if it’s an especially vocal creature, but it’s rare for me to get anything more specific.

Even when I’ve been asked to pose questions to pets, or have had my own to ask, the answers do not go beyond the necessary response. Pets are not looking to “tattle” on their human guardians, but correct a specific problem or misunderstanding. Sometimes all they want is to further clarify their love for their human! It isn’t negative as a rule, but it is always about healing.

So when I say I’m an Animal Communicator or Psychic Medium for pets, I don’t mean that I walk around hearing the random thoughts of animals as I go about my day. I mean that I offer myself as a listener when, in their own time, they feel they have something they need to share.

My Journey

Hearing What You Don’t Want To Hear

I frequently say that my dogs are two of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. They are constant reminders that good things happen in my life when I believe in myself and follow my intuition. Case in point: them.

Recently, however, I had to accept that while both of them mean the world to me, they didn’t necessarily feel that way about each other. I had to hear what I didn’t want to: that Layla wanted a home of her own, one where she could be the centre of attention.

I started crying the moment this sank in. This was helped, I might add, by the her deciding to sit right against my head while I was lying down trying to do yoga.

Layla has been special to me from the moment she entered my life. She has taught me the meaning of confidence and self-belief in a whole new way, and taught me things about myself I wasn’t even aware I needed to learn. In particular, she helped me really come to grips with the idea that doing things that make you happy is important, even if those around you don’t really understand why. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, all that matters is that it helps you be you, with a smile on your face!

I knew (and still know) that she wouldn’t have asked me to let her go if it weren’t in our mutual best interest. I had to assume that the timing was right. I had to have faith.

I don’t think things could have come together more smoothly. I made the decision earlier this week, and posted an ad that night which went live the next morning. The first call I received came in a few hours later. It was from a couple so keen on having my little girl that they arranged to drive 3 hours north from England to see her that evening, leaving shortly after their phone call. They were terrified that I would change my mind and they’d be let down, again.

I had a good feeling about them, so I spent the day fielding several other inquiries, spending time with both dogs and figuring out what to pack for her move.

The moment Layla laid eyes on them I could feel her excitement, but for once she seemed focused and calm. She seemed aware that these were her new people, and I couldn’t ignore that this was true as they cuddled and watched her interact with Dumbledore, her brother. Meanwhile I was talking about everything I could think of that they would need to know. I was so worried I would miss some vital piece of information and something would go wrong because they didn’t know everything.

So I bundled her off with everything I could think to give (food, toys, treats, vet records, jackets, her food dish …) and walked away with tears streaming down my face.

The next day I received a couple of truly beautiful texts. They let me know in no uncertain terms that she is settling in beautifully and that they and their children’s families could not be happier. I started to cry again but this time they were bittersweet/happy tears.

I feel like I’ve healed something in the world by placing her in their hands. Maybe I’ve broken a cycle or put something right? I don’t know, but I can’t deny it feels good.

I do know that I feel a hole in my life where she used to be, and I’m working already to understand the best way to fill that space.

Even if it was the last think I would have wanted. I’m glad I let myself hear what she had to say. And if I ever need a reminder in future that good things happen when I make my own choices and follow my gut, I can look back on this experience and the texts I’ve received from her new family, and smile.

I can also trust that I’ll now how to listen if it ever happens again.

My Journey

Talking Chicken

Animal Communication can be weird. It isn’t something you control, but rather something you become open to.

You acknowledge that animals will speak with you, and at times through you, just as people would: often without warning and little or no preamble. They can be just as opinionated as humans, and often just as silly.

For example, one of my dogs once asked if I was going swimming as I was sinking into the bath tub full of hot water. He was quite curious and confused at the concept of soaking in a bath. He also considers hiding away in what I’ve dubbed his man-cave (aka under my bed) when I’ve been away “delightful”. He’s a Parson Russell Terrier, to be clear.

One of the aspects I’ve had a harder time grasping in my journey with animal mediumship is the reality that not all animals who speak with me are in the room. Often they aren’t even in the realm of the living.

Sometimes, they’re my dinner.

That’s right, I’m an animal medium and welfare activist who eats meat! And you’ll never guess what my dinner told me.

He gave me permission to eat him.

Caught up in a wave of guilt over the ethics of eating said chicken, a voice spoke in my head: “I’m not in there. That’s not me. It’s what you do to me when I’m alive that’s the matter, not what you do with me when I’m dead.”

So I ate my chicken. I enjoyed my meal. I expressed gratitude for the strength that it gave me. I felt assured that the chicken was satisfied with my gratitude.

See, I like eating meat.

Not in the sense that I relish the thought that I’m eating another animal’s flesh. I just feel healthier when I ingest animal protein. My metabolism doesn’t function at its optimum capacity when I eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. Believe me, I’ve tried.

My mom is the complete opposite. She’s one of a number of people I have met who is perfectly happy and healthy eating a vegetarian/vegan diet. Her metabolism doesn’t require the protein from animal flesh to function at its best. So I know that a vegetarian diet is healthy, and believe that there are many who benefit from eating that way.

As someone who is very aware of what is wrong with the system of factory farming that we have developed, however, I struggle to meet the needs of my body without compromising my ethics.

His comment about treatment in the lead up to and the moment of his death felt clear. I shouldn’t be struggling with whether or not I eat meat, but with what the source is of the meat I eat. I should focus my concern on how the animals I consume are raised and harvested because, despite countless efforts to improve and countless strides forward, therein still lies the problem.

This experience as an animal medium motivated me to take a hard look at my diet and my choices when I shop for food. It gave me the kick up the backside I apparently needed to step up and follow through on decisions I’d been holding back on for one reason or another.

I’ve since allowed myself to be guided to purchasing free-range (note, not necessarily organic) chicken, and game meat, like venison, instead of beef.

I’ve also chosen to eat meat regularly but less often than I would have done before. I might eat meat once a week instead of bingeing for several days and then cutting it out again for a similar length of time. If I’m doing a lot of running or other high intensity exercise, I might eat meat twice a week, or on days I’ve done those bursts of exercise.

This is a decision that has made me feel in better balance overall. While my budget at times has to take precedence, this has allowed me to balance my body’s needs and live up to my personal ethics.

After all, these things aren’t black and white or one size fits all. I wish more people would realise that, then maybe more of us could feel in harmony with ourselves. Imagine what could happen if we did!


Channeled Messages with "The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Deck" by Chip Richards, My Journey

The Choices We Make

There is always a choice. Even when it seems to already be made, that decision was made by a previous choice you, or someone else involved made.

I have spent my life choosing to try to support my animal family according to the social systems in place. In the wake of recent events, in the world and in my life, I have begun to question my choices and work to make new and different ones.

This blog and the messages I have chosen to share here are a result of that decision to question and change.

There is a lot right and a lot wrong with the present systems humanity has created for our animal brethren.

I realise that I do not know all the answers. However, I do know that I am able to lend my voice to those who do have a few: the animals.

My journey to this point has been chaotic. It hasn’t been easy. Opening up to the world through this blog has taken months of personal work to feel strong enough to risk.

It has been immensely rewarding.

However, it is a risk that requires more risk to continue moving forward!

I keep hoping I’ll get to rest a while, but it never happens. I continually surprise myself with what I am capable of, whether that is posting channelled message from the animals to this blog, or offering my perception of Reiki healing, or letting myself revisit old dreams of being a writer and rider (horses) with fresh perspective.

I struggle to forgive myself at times, for waiting so long to try to to open up to myself and the world. To forgive myself for making different choices in the past. I know I’m not alone in that.

The struggle is real, and it is human.

I have always wanted to raise my voice in support of those without one or whose voice gets lost in our manmade systems. They deserve not only a voice but a compassionate one. And I have always allowed myself to be blocked from giving them what they deserve.

And so I choose to make a different decision. I chose to be that voice. To offer my own, with compassion, in support of those who have none. My animal friends.

They have rescued me from myself more times than I care to count. It is time I stepped up and repaid their kindness.

And I am just getting started.