Messages from My Guides for You

Message from Grey Wolf in Spirit

“Be careful which spirit guides you invoke and why. Sometimes the guide that appeals at first turns out to be the suggestion of human fear or ego rather than from spirit. Listen closely, and be open to other energies than what appeals at a first glance.” ~ Grey Wolf

Messages from My Guides for You

A Message from Unicorns in Spirit

“Not all animals want to talk. Some just want to be held in love, as in offering Reiki healing or other healing modalities. Don’t worry if your pets are not chatty with you. Like people they enjoy sitting in silence, simply being. Rescue animals are an excellent example of this, especially if they have a traumatic past. Treat them as you would any other trauma victim. Allow them heal in their own time. Offer them respect and compassion. Offer them an open door for healing if they choose to accept it, but allow them to make the choice for themselves and in their own time. Be prepared for them to decline, and respect their wishes with gracious patience. Give them time.” ~ Unicorn