About Crystal Healing, My Journey

Animals Carved in Stone

Carved into the shape of a living creature, crystal figures are an excellent way to channel healing and loving intentions in support of a species or to bring their energy into your life for personal growth and healing. They are a versatile and beautiful tool.

My personal collection of crystal animals is ever evolving and growing. The challenge inherent in searching out unique carvings to diversify my collection and extend the range of species I can support through distance crystal healing with a figure carved in their image is an enlightening one.

It really is amazing to see what people will carve in stone. Most notable (though not pictured) so far: a rose quartz starfish!

I have learned about crystal healing in a rather haphazard manner. My Reiki teacher was a certified Crystal Healer who, having trained for two years to learn about the qualities and applications of a range of crystals, taught me all she could alongside Reiki.

I have supplemented her instruction by reading all I could online and the occasional book I managed to get my hands on. Most recently I completed a Crystal Reader online certification course that was put on by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski – a useful experience primarily in that it clarified and affirmed many things I already know.

Therefore my approach to my collection of animals carved in stone, as I’ve titled this post, is rather haphazard as well. I’ve learned to rely on my intuition when working with them, you might say.

Predominantly I view them as a “point of focus” or focal point for sending healing to a species. For example, my whale figure might help me send energetic support to endangered whale species or those particularly struggling to survive in severely polluted waters.

Others, like my Griffin carved in goldstone, function as a focal point for bringing healing in, whether for myself or another being. I might hold or place it with another figure with the intention of it supporting the other, for instance.

What I find important to note is that these figures don’t have to be placed in a certain grid or location in your living space, or anything like that. Not to say you can’t do that, but you don’t have to in order to make use of them. There is more than one approach to take, is what I’m driving at.

Just taking a brief moment to look at them and hold an intention of healing in your heart and mind is a meaningful gesture and excellent use of their potential. So is taking the time to meditate with them, set up a crystal grid or even place them in your home according to a Feng Shui Bagua map!

The important thing is to remember that they are crystals. They are only as weak or strong as the one handling them. So practice, and patience with yourself through that process, is crucial when starting to use them for healing.

So is having fun!

Whether you’re hunting for the weirdest carvings you can find, or collecting the same figures in as wide a range of crystals as you can doesn’t matter.

As long as your approach speaks to you and supports your aims as a healer you’re probably on the right track!


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